Vocalist - Baritone
Hailed by the Dallas Morning News for his "dashing, fine bright baritone" and the New York Times for a voice that is "fully powered and persuasively expressive," Matthew Worth was recently the featured "Sound Bites" artist in Opera News, and is enjoying successes on both the operatic and concert stages, in all styles from the Renaissance to new repertoire.
Posted: Jul-21-2011
Latest Acclaim
“As first mate Starbuck … baritone Matthew Worth functions as the lone voice of reason as he attempts to temper Ahab’s—and the crew’s—headlong pursuit of disaster. Although the opera doesn’t make it clear, Melville’s Starbuck is a practicing Quaker, a practical and empathetic man driven by equal doses of piety, morality and pacifism. All of this pits him, albeit reluctantly, against the captain, while at the same making him feel compelled to save the crew from Ahab’s excess. All of this makes Starbuck something of a stiff character, but he’s the necessary opposing force in the plot. Mr. Worth’s bell clear baritone instrument is somehow able to articulate his characters complexity as his Starbuck wars within himself in a desperate attempt to carry out his sworn duty to his captain while remaining true to himself and his men. It’s a marvelous, upstanding performance.”
— Washington Times
Posted: Feb-27-2014
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Stephen Hartke's The Greater Good was commissioned by Glimmerglass Opera, and is a strikingly original contribution to the operatic repertory. Based on an iconic short story by Maupassant set during the immediate aftermath of the Franco-Prussian War, The Greater Good is notable for its sure-footed dramatic pacing and astute use of different techniques and subtle references to a variety of musical styles in order to portray the characters in a variety of moods and situations. This is the opera's world premiere recording.

Posted: Jun-18-2007
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Posted: Oct-3-2011